Stella Starsky


Stella Starsky • Birth of the American Baroness
Friday, September 15, 2017 – 7 PM

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Stella Starsky shines in her at turns moving and side-splitting solo play that explores both the mundane and the mystical implications of modern woman-dom free from motherhood, whether by choice or cast of the die. From her humble beginnings as a tweenage donut-maker in small-town Massachusetts, through a me-generational gauntlet of disco balls, body dysmorphia, designer dreams, and debatable dates with destiny, Starsky illumines our universal quest for value and validation, alighting on divinely human and hilarious realizations along the pro-creative path toward planetary parenthood.
“Serves up quick wit combined with a sexy straightforwardness”—Harper’s Bazaar

“Vivacious and engaging…you can almost see the stars twinkling about her”—The Scotsman Magazine

“One of those slightly severe-looking, high-cheekboned women who make glasses sexy”—San Francisco Chronicle.

“Rollicking alt-cabaret shenanigans.” Time Out New York.

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