Mary Birdsong


Sept 15

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Afterglow Festival is proud to present MARY BIRDSONG in MAMA DRAMA. In 2016, Mary Birdsong left Hollywood to take on the most challenging role of her career playing home hospice nurse to her dying, bipolar, narcissistic fallen southern belle of a mother. As the sole caregiver in the boondocks of the South Jersey shore, it soon became clear that Mary wouldn’t be getting out much. In a desperate attempt to salvage some small sliver of herself not yet devoured by her mama’s drama, Mary travels to the only place she can go inside her own mind. Join Mary as she delves deep into her psyche to become a different character every day for a solid year.

“She’s pretty genius.” Marc Maron & Amy Poehler, WTF Podcast

“Very funny.” David Letterman

“Loved it! So did my 6-year-old daughter. I had to explain what some of the words meant, though. (Just kidding. I didn’t have to explain anything.)” Weird Al Yankovich

“Mary Birdsong is the most talented person in show business.” Artie Lange

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