John Jarboe & The Bearded Ladies Cabaret


John Jarboe & The Bearded Ladies Cabaret
You Can Never Go Down The Drain
A Mx. Rogers Musical Healing Ritual For Adults
Thursday, September 12, 2019 – 9:30 PM


Mr. Rogers always said: no matter how bad things are “you can never go down the drain.” Using and abusing iconic songs from the program, Philadelphia’s Bearded Ladies Cabaret put this idea to the test. In this performance, expect a goldfish funeral, gay romps into the land of make-believe, and some earnest questions about irony.

“Jarboe has made provocation his calling card with an always daringly incendiary brand of queer cabaret whose caginess reaches into everything he does.”—Philadelphia Weekly
“Medley is the name of their complicated, charming, entertaining game: old and new, historical and contemporary, male and female, funny and moving, parody and pointed, if implicit, social commentary.” —The Philadelphia Inquirer
“Quite simply the best party you have never been invited to.”—Talkin’ Broadway