Gene Dante


Gene Dante
Occupation: Rock Star
Wednesday, September 11, 2019 – 9:30 PM



Performing a selection of songs, sharing stories of his tragicomic journey from chunky outcast reject to silver-fox outlier-starlet, Gene Dante takes us on a transformative journey from high-school rocker to international Rocky Horror Show tour member, from acclaimed New England “Hedwig” of “Angry Inch” fame. to seeing his music video for “A Madness to His Method” on MTV’s LOGO, to finally getting that seemingly unattainable “under 5” role opposite a major Hollywood star on a soon-to-be streaming network show, he conveys the importance of chronicling and celebrating every victory, no matter how small.

“In concert, Gene Dante is the Chiseled White Duke. Leading his Future Starlets, Dante mixes Bowie’s makeup, Iggy Pop’s shirtless-ness, and Freddie Mercury’s theatrics into a glammy groove.”— Boston Herald
“Dante is an anomaly in Boston’s music scene: an artist who has refused to pigeonhole his talents. Yes, he’s a singer —and quite a good one, with a laconic croon reminiscent of Bryan Ferry and Lou Reed—who fronts a glam-rock band called Gene Dante & The Future Starlets. And yes, he’s an actor, but he’s never defined himself strictly as one or the other.”—The Boston Globe