Debs Gatenby


Sept 13

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Afterglow Festival is proud to present Debs Gatenby in UNRAVELING. Come on this comedic trip through Debs Gatenby’s mind as she unravels all she knows and wishes she didn’t know about how to live life. Expect singing, wistful looks into the middle distance, ear cupping harmonies and misheard lyrics. Applause applause, this is Debs cause to liberate you from the pressure of having to be the best you can. This show is an antidote to the world of obsessive self-helping and self-bettering. Debs is here to tell you that, Failure is the new success and, If You Can’t Get What You Want, Stop F**king Wanting It.

“Her life-laid-bare monologue, whilst telling us much about her, reveal something about us too.” Time Out

” A fabulous physical performer and an expert at the throwaway comment, Gatenby is just funny.” Canal Street Online

” Debs helps us through the rambling, non-linear journey that is your typical human life.” Big Issue North

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