Champagne Jerry


Sept 14

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Afterglow Festival is proud to present CHAMPAGNE JERRY in CHAMPAGNE MARGARITAS. Champagne Jerry is a band with a wild stage show and music that is very polished, weird, and very good. The stage show is a mixture of overblown bragging about being a fucked up white guy, comedic sexuality, and weird art stage shenanigans. So get ready for all of your dreams to come true.

Funny enough to be in a comedy club, good enough to be on the radio, and weird enough to be in art venues, Champagne Jerry brings the message that even people who shouldn’t believe in themselves should believe in themselves.

“One of New York Citys Top Ten Downtown Cabaret Performers, he keeps weirdness alive.” Time Out New York

“It’s like if Eminem took steroids during a women’s studies class!Kathleen Hanna.” Bikini Kill, Le Tigre, the Julie Ruin

“Champagne Jerry’s songs are established, playful and catchy… He possesses a unique swagger.” !Interview

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